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Organise and Categorise!

So you have nailed down your brand vision and message… amazing!!

That means it’s time to categorise the content you will create into different categories. You probably are thinking, why is this so important? Well, it helps to keep the original vision you had in mind intact and consistent throughout every single post you share, not steering away from who your business really is.

If you’re still stuck as to how these categories work, let me give you an example. Besides running Socially Squared, I have my own blog, called Molly and Gizmo. On Instagram, I post about fashion and lifestyle, so therefore, these would be my categories. Sub-categories that fit into my feed encompass everything from styling shots and food spots to favourite accessories and fashion tips.

You don’t have to define yourself into one niche, for example, you may be a business consultant who’s got a keen interest in all things tech, so your post categories would fall into business and tech, with sub-categories about business tips, new business news, tech news, tech quotes and more! Don’t stress if your brand falls into a few categories, it just matters what you like and what you want to share around your vision, but simplifying your brand helps your focus and fully understand the followers your are trying to target.

When you’re trying to think of new ways to connect with your audience and provide original, engaging content that fits within your vision, make an ideas list. And what’s my biggest tip for doing so? Think outside the box. What information do you have that no one else is sharing? What is your secret ingredient? Once you begin posting to your social media, you’ll start to notice from your list what performs well and draws your audience in. Listen to them, as they will help grow your brand’s online presence and give you an ideas about what to stick with.

Still stuck for ideas? Here is a bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

Health: Post about favourite workout gear, food and nutrition suggestions, workout routines, progress reports and case studies, before and after posts, recipes, how you love to exercise.

Finance: Post about money saving tips, financial news, case studies, advice about buying and selling property, fun finance facts, testimonials

Building and Decorating: post past work you’ve done, interior styling tips, advice on colours and textures in homes, decorating ideas, testimonials, work that you love and want to replicate, advice for building and decorating a home.

Fashion and Beauty: client work you’ve done, new pieces in store, seasonal trends, styling tips, tutorials, how to take looks from day to night, makeup and hair tips, flatlays of products.

Once you have your categories and sub-categories narrowed down, it will be easier for you to generate ideas for content. Seeing your ideas mapped out is so helpful for sparking new, creative ideas.

Happy Posting!

Jess x

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