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1:1 Q+A Social Media Training

Learn how to grow on and make the most of social media minus the costs of a full time social media manager, even if you're flying blind online.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're lacking the confidence to show up on camera, and authentically to you.

  • You've been using social media for a while, but it feels like you're posting to crickets, and not driving any leads or sales.

  • Social media is constantly updating and changing, and trying to keep up with it feels too hard.

  • You have goals for your social media marketing, but you need some support, accountability and a push in the right direction to help with growth.

  • You want to continue DIY-ing your socials, but trying to figure out the most effective tactics is overwhelming, and you're having no luck attracting the right people to your business.

Without a plan of attack, you'll only continue to fly blind, and continue wasting time and energy guessing with your efforts - who wants that?!

Simplfy your social media marketing and attract your dream clients with us.-13.png
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That's where I come in...

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Hey, I'm Jess!

Proud introvert, potato lover, and a lot cooler on the internet.


I'm also your friendly neighbourhood social media expert, and with over 5 years experience in the social media world, I get that social media takes time, and can be hard!

I'm on a mission to make social media simpler than it is, teach you the fundamentals and help you attract more of your ideal clients with ease.

Put simply, I live and breathe social media, so you don't have to.

Our Training Process, in 3 Steps...

Get Guidance!

A one-on-one consultation designed to give you practical, hands-on and strategic guidance, clarity and direction on your organic social media marketing efforts.

Learn Best Practices

From social media fundamentals and optimisations, to hands on content hacks and walkthroughs, we are all about teaching you the best, tried and tested practices for top social media results.

Gain Actionable Tasks

Take everything you learn and implement it right away with tasks, and an actionable plan with our key recommendations for your business.

Learn how to grow on and make the most of social media minus the costs of a full time social media manager, even if you're flying blind online.

When you book in a 1:1 training session (or health check!) with us, you not only get the training, support and accountability, you also get tools, prompts and more to help save time and optimise your socials.

What You Get:


60 Minute 1:1 Training Session:

  • Tailored, Q+A style training based around specific needs, goals and questions

  • Client to complete a questionnaire prior to training session.

Custom Social Media Report:

  • We take our findings, teachings and recommendations, and compile them into one easy to implement document.

2 Weeks of WhatsApp Support:

  • If you have any other questions, need support with implementation, or just want to bounce around some ideas, we're available from 9am-6pm weekdays to support you for 2 weeks after your session. 

Content Calendar Template:

  • The exact template we use to streamline the planning process for our content.

Build a Magnetic Hashtag Bank Workbook:

  • Your guide to building an effective hashtag strategy that reaches your ideal audience.






(valued prices are exclusive of GST)

You Get it For:

Payment Plan:

$519 + GST 
(save $536)

$285 + GST
(2 payments)

(Best Value)

(Most Flexible)

Also Available...

Social Media Health Check - $219 ( + GST) for 2 profiles

  • In-depth plan regarding the current positioning, and recommendations for your social media profiles.

  • Includes recommendations on the platforms to focus on, and content recommendations, mockups, caption examples, hashtag strategy, goals and more.

  • Includes recommendations on frequency across all platforms, which platforms to best focus on and measures of success.

Go from having to figure it out yourself, and unsure how to grow to gaining clarity and tailored support to achieve your online goals.

After a 1:1 Q+A training session with us, you'll:​

  • Have a clear and actionable plan of attack for achieving your goals with social media.

  • Gain a streamlined approach to content creation to save yourself time.

  • Understand the social media fundamentals to optimise your profiles and reach more of your ideal audience.

  • Gain more confidence, inspiration and motivation to take action on social media, and market your business effectively.

  • Learn handy tips, tricks and hacks to take your social media profiles to the next level.

What our Club has to say...

"We recently did some social media training with Jess to improve our pages. It has made a big difference and taught us so much! She is very professional and always a pleasure to deal with."

- Tally Up Books

Got questions? We've got answers.

What can you teach me in these sessions?

In our training sessions, we can cover anything from audience targetting and social media basics, to content creation skills and social media scheduling. Anything you feel like is a major struggle, we raise our hands in delight to help you. Just imagine us hopping over your fence with a bag of flour or sugar (because yes, we are that sweet) to come save the day.

I'm not sure if I need a social media manager just yet, is training right for me?

Absolutely! Our strategy and training sessions are designed to help those who want to uplevel on social media (and beat the big bad boss that is the Algorithm) but also perhaps aren't sure about full service social media managament, or want to test the waters with some expert help and advice. Think of it like a try before you buy, we'll teach you our tailored to you strategies that we'd implement if we were working on your pages, and you can run with it, and continue to DIY, or if it still feels like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it will stick, let us know and we can discuss social media management.

Are they in person, or online?

Whatever suits you, is fine by us! You like chocolate, amazing! Caramel, even better! So whether you're a local business wanting to meet us in person for a coffee and a chat, or you're half way across the world and want to learn everything about Instagram, let's jump on a video call and nut it out. We're here for you, in any capacity. 

Do you provide any summaries or resources for me to refer to in the future?

Sure do! Same way you break into your leftovers in the fridge after a long day when you can't be bothered cooking, we supply you with take away resources, notes and thoughts that you can implement into your strategy, processes and content creation. Book in for recurring sessions with us, and we'll develop an entire action plan for the sessions as well as a plan for your steps moving forward. And don't forget the dreaded homework (ugh I can feel my high school stress right now), if we feel as though you'd benefit from putting your newfound skills into action right away, we'll send you away with some tasks to implement.

Ready to book in? All you have to is run (don't walk) over to the link here and secure your spot - limited spots available every month.

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