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5 Ways you can use Instagram Collabs as a Business

Have you tried Instagram Collabs yet?

The feature lets users co-author Instagram feed posts and Reels — opening up another way for creators and brands to reach new audiences.

We’re breaking down how to use Instagram Collabs, their benefits, plus some inspo to get you started.

What Are Instagram Collabs?

With Instagram Collabs, you can invite someone to collaborate on a feed post or Reel.

Essentially, you can co-author content with a fellow Instagram user, and the post will show up on both of your profiles. You’ll share views, likes, and comments — allowing you to leverage and engage with each other’s communities.

How to Make a Collabs Post on Instagram

Now that you know what Instagram Collabs are, it's time to create your own. Here's how:

  1. Send a Collabs Request

  2. Accept a Collabs Request

  3. Add a Collaborator After Posting on Instagram

How to Send a Collabs Request

After uploading your Reel or feed post, go to the share screen, and tap “Tag People.”

In the bottom right corner, you’ll see an option to “Invite Collaborator.” After tapping, search and choose the user you’d like to collaborate with.

After you’ve chosen your collaborator, share the post as usual, and the creator will receive a request in their DMs. The post will not appear until they’ve accepted your request.

NOTE: You can only collaborate with one person on a post.

How to Accept a Collabs Request

If someone has requested to collaborate on a feed post or Reel with you, you’ll receive their request in your DMs. Hit “Accept” for the content to be shared with both of your audiences — it’s that simple!

How to Add a Collaborator After Posting on Instagram

Unlike tagging, you can only add collaborators to your post before publishing.

If you forget, you’ll have to delete the post, and re-publish it — this time with your collaborator added. So, make sure to double-check before you hit publish!

3 Benefits of Using Instagram Collabs for Brands.

There are many reasons why you should create an Instagram Collabs post, but here are the top three benefits:

  1. Expands Your Reach

  2. Increases Engagement

  3. Makes Collaborating Simpler

Benefit #1: Expands Your Reach

Discoverability is a massive perk of the Instagram Collabs feature. With just one post, you can tap into an engaged audience and reach more eyes.

Plus, you'll get an engagement boost too (see benefit #2). It's a win-win.

Benefit #2: Increases Engagement

Sharing a post between two audiences increases your chances of getting more likes, comments, saves, and shares.

Aka — all the good stuff that boosts your Instagram engagement rate.

While gaining new followers is exciting, what’s most important is how engaged they are.

A high engagement rate means you know your followers are enjoying your content. And when Instagram senses high engagement on your profile, the algorithm is more likely to reward you.

Engagement is currency, and when they’re shared, all collaborators cash in.

Benefit #3: Makes Collaborating Simpler

Shared engagement is a game-changer on Instagram. It’s also a passionate wave goodbye to duplicate content. Rather than sharing the same post across both profiles, you can streamline the process and post once — saving tons of time.

The ability to track metrics from both ends also lets you know how your post is doing without requesting analytics from your collaborator.

Plus, if any FAQs come in, they can be monitored all in one place.

Mutual control = simplicity. Simple as that.

5 Ways to Use Instagram Collabs

Need some ideas to inspire your first Instagram Collabs post? Here are five to get you started:

  1. Promote Your Business

  2. Host a Giveaway

  3. Launch a Product

  4. Support a Cause

  5. Start a Challenge or Trend

Idea #1: Promote Your Business

For brands, influencer marketing is key for racking up social proof — especially when 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations.

To drive traffic to your site, try teaming up with a creator who fits your target demographic.

Idea #2: Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great opportunity to collaborate with other brands or creators. They're fun, easy to participate in, and give you an engagement boost.

And if you’re looking to showcase the legitimacy of your product or service, partnering with an expert is the way to go.

Simply put, double the audience = double the fun (and double the hype if there’s free stuff on the table!).

Idea #3: Launch a Product

If you're launching a product or even promoting an event, an Instagram Collabs post can help you spread the word. You can collaborate with another creator, brand, or even cross-promote on a secondary Instagram profile.

Idea #4: Support a Cause

Supporting a cause on Instagram is a meaningful way to humanize your brand, communicate your values, and raise awareness.

And if it's an issue your audience cares about too — even better!

Use the Instagram Collabs feature to work with an expert, creator, or organization to bring more attention to the cause or topic you’re supporting.

Educational post? Check. Engaging two audiences? Check. Supporting a topic you care about? Checks across the board.

Idea #5: Start a Challenge or Trend

Starting a challenge or trend is a fun way to create buzz. And with an Instagram Collabs post, you’ll reach even more people who can participate in the challenge and share it with their friends.

The feel-good collab brought in thousands of likes. Plus, there were several comments from viewers tagging their friends to tell them they love them.

And that’s that!

Whether you co-host a giveaway or promote a new product, an Instagram Collabs post is bound to bring in double the engagement, enjoyment, and eyeballs. So, wave hello to all the new faces. It’s your time to shine.

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