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A Reel Good Remix

Surprise surprise we have a new fun addition to Instagram!

It’s called Remix in Reels. Instagram loves keeping content creators on their toes, am I right? With this latest addition, you can add your own fun reel to an existing reel from your favourite content creator. Depending on the original reel video, there could be so many ideas you can create. From this, it allows engaging and exciting collaborations amongst creators to develop something different for their audience.

While this feature is new to Instagram, it’s not an entirely new concept. In fact, it’s extremely similar to TikTok’s Duet feature, where users can film split-screen reaction videos. This new format is great for comedic reactions, dance collaborations, and challenge participation — and we’re already seeing Instagram creators flexing their creative muscles.

Keen to get started? It’s pretty simple to remix a reel by following these steps!

  1. Find a reel you want to remix

  2. Tap on the ellipses, top right-hand side. A pop-up menu will appear.

  3. Choose ‘remix this reel’

  4. Decide whether to upload prerecorded videos or record on the spot. The videos will sit side by side.

  5. Edit as you wish, then upload your newly remixed reel!

At the moment, this new feature is automatically available to all profiles but can be switched on and off at any given time in settings.

Go on! Try out this new video feature for yourself. Tag us @sociallysquared so we can see your creations!

Written by our Intern, Kirsty Panting.

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