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7 Social Media Things to Stop Saying.

Because consistently setting these things up in your mind as big things to pay attention to is not getting you anywhere in your social media growth!

"No one is engaging with my posts!"

➡️ Really? No one? Not a SINGLE person?! Instead of complaining, I invite you to be grateful for the engagement you DO receive, and then to examine if you need to make some changes to your content if it's not performing as well as it once did.

"The algorithm has it out for me!"

➡️ Out of the billions of people who have and use Instagram, the algorithm has decided to single YOU out? Nah, this is just an easy way to make an excuse to shift blame from you to "the algorithm".

"Does anyone even really care about what I have to say?"

➡️ Not everyone will care, but SOMEONE will care! Remember: you and your content don't exist to please and serve everyone. But if you craft your ideal person and create content specifically for them and what they need, you automatically answer your own question: YES, that person WILL care!

"I'll wait til it's perfect"

➡️ Perfection is actually fear and inaction in sheep's clothing. Waiting til it's "perfect" or until you're "ready" means you'll likely keep waiting and waiting. So screw perfection, take messy action, and DO IT even if it sucks!

"It doesn't go with my feed"

➡️ This isn't 2015 anymore. We have bigger and more important things to care about than curating a perfect feed.

"I don't know what to say"

➡️ Ask yourself: what is your why? Who are you trying to connect with and how can you help them? What are you inherently good at and passionate about? What is something you can teach or explain?... these are all content thought starters to figure out what to post. AAAAND GO!

"I guess I'll just give up..."

➡ OH 👏 HELL 👏 NO! Not on my watch!

Which social media thang are you going to STOP saying ASAP?!

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