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Become a Facebook Expert in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook is ever-changing how businesses can improve. Facebook is the longest-reigning social media platform, and for an excellent reason as it stays with the current needs and wants of users. It stays relatively easy to use for everyone. Continue reading to discover the best 5 tips and tricks you need to stay up to date.

  1. Have an accessible URL name Sounds easier said than done, as there are so many profiles with similar names the one you desire might have been taken already. Depending on your business, do some research on similar companies in the area for some name inspiration (so yours stands out). Having an easy and memorable URL will benefit your business because it will stick in people’s minds when it comes to needing your services.

  2. Linking profiles together Have other social media accounts? Don’t forget to link them all together in the bios and contact sections on all platforms to cross-promote. This will help boost traffic to all your social media platforms.

  3. Pinning your best posts Are you proud of a particular post on Facebook? Or have an exciting announcement or promotion? You can pin it so it appears first when people view your page. This helps to boost organic engagement and reach of the post!

  4. Create a community A fun way of engaging all your followers is by creating a community group so they can have conversations with each other. Plus you can be more personal with the group, by giving them special promo codes, early invites to sales, etc that relate to your business.

  5. Learn from content engagement To best grow your Facebook page is by learning what post worked and which post didn’t work and find out why. Was it the timing? Was it the wording? Was it the image used? There are so many factors when it comes to analytics. Use your Facebook analytics to your advantage and leverage them for social success.

In the end, all businesses have different Facebook strategies which work for them. Don’t be shy and test them all out to see which suits your business best. It’s all about trial and error in the social media world. Want to learn more about Facebook strategies for your business contact, Jess, at to find out more!

Written by our Intern, Kirsty Panting.

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