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Show up and Stand Out with Social Media.

Results-driven social media marketing for professional service providers and trades.

At Socially Squared, we take social media marketing off the hands of busy professional service providers, so you can show up and stand out with ease.

Some businesses we work with:

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You know social media marketing is necessary to grow your business, but it feels like a major chore or time suck.

  • You have no motivation, up to date skills or desire to run your socials on your own.

  • You're not sure how to grow their business effectively using social media, especially when things change so often online.

  • You're struggling to stand out in your industry, and be seen as an expert, or the go-to.


We're here to help you...

We're good at social media, you're good at what you do best... it's a no-brainer to outsource your social media marketing!  

Social Media

A done for you service, that saves you time and effort, and we look after all your socials and ensure they perform. 

1:1 Social Media Training

A done with you service to have your questions answered, and continue to DIY your socials with the best strategies tailored to you.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Get an actionable, tailored plan of attack, without the investment of a full-time social media manager.

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Image by Katie Polansky
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We're not about having a bells and whistles, everything but the kitchen sink strategy. We're for a white shirt and jeans strategy. Practical, built on foundations and designed to stand the test of time.

Learn with us!

Seeking help with your social media marketing as a small business can be no easy feat. You either have to Google it and figure it out for yourself (which can be overwhelming AF when you're flying blind as to what you actually need) or pay someone $1000's of dollars to teach you, or do it for you.

That's why we have answered your dreams and developed self paced resources and tools, to make DIY-ing your socials easy as pie.


Read our Blog!

We want everyone to love social media as much as we do!

Like a fresh newspaper on your doorstep, we have a library of short and actionable blog posts, to inspire you to stop sleeping on social media as a business. From our thoughts and perspectives, to tips and tutorials, lose yourself for an hour or two in our words.

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We value...

We're all about showing up as who you are, not who you think you should be. We bring authenticity into all that we do; communication with clients, our services, onboarding, our online content, our approach to marketing... you could even say we're like a pie baked from scratch- genuine right to it's core.

There's no business without our amazing clients and community, and those relationships wouldn't exist without priortising and nurturing connection in our business. We're big fans of deep level connection in what we do, and when you join our club, you're more than just a checkbox on a list, you're a friend, a partner, and a part of our family.

From providing endless education to our followers and clients for their growth, to always investing in personal and business growth ourselves, our philosophy is that there's always something to learn. Call us nerds, but a lil learning, and an abundance mindset never hurt anyone. (At least we'd be the coolest nerds on the Internet though)




Get your hands on this magic!

6 Stand Out Post Templates that will Actually Engage your Audience.

Download this FREE e-book and gain our 6 easy to implement post templates - Canva template, idea, and fill in the blank captions - to show up and stand out with ease in no time and build know, like and trust with your ideal clients. 

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Hear from our Neighbourhood...

Taryn Cowan

Jess is a pleasure to deal with. She has taken control of my business’ social media and I am extremely impressed. She is great with communication and knows the social media scene thoroughly! Thanks again Jess!

Sarah Yarrow

SUCH a valuable service! I had a reasonable idea of what I needed to do with my social media but a consultation with Jess really helped me refine things and she gave so many little tips and tricks to help me take things to the next level. 

Carla Richardson

Jess from Socially Squared has been fantastic. She has amazing knowledge of social media and I love what she is achieving for my business. Knowing my social media is in such good hands gives me back valuable time to spend on what I do best in my business. 

We're here to simplify social media for your business, and help you create a presence with purpose.

Stay Updated:
we're alot cooler on the Internet.

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